Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit

$150.00 Now available one plan at a time thru Dec. 31

Fully available November 30, 2016, the “Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit” provides you with 4 kinds of plans — lesson, event, program and presentation. This includes:

  • Curriculum: 7 lesson plans, 3 presentation plans, 2 event plans, 2 program plans to support a complete curriculum for various audiences. Topics include introduction, basic and advanced tapping instruction, guidance for tapping use, evaluation summary. Each lesson plan contains a sample workshop description, objectives, agenda, script and facilitator notes.
  • Handouts: Handouts referenced in any lesson plan are provided.
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Product Description

This Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit contains the series of plans that are referred to in the Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit. While the Marketing Kit gets you into the schools, the Curriculum Kit keeps you there.

Fully available January 31, 2017!  Now available as individual Plans.  The Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit provides you with 4 kinds of Plans — lesson, presentation, event and program:

Lesson Plans – Introductory Tapping Workshop, Using TappingStar in the Classroom, Using TappingStar in School Areas, Involving Your Parents in Tapping, Supporting Tapping in Your School, Tapping with Your Student, Reporting How-To’s

Presentation/Demonstration – Introductory Tapping Presentation for a Parent-Teacher Organization, Introductory Tapping Presentation for School Staff,  Adult Education Introductory Presentation

Event Plans – Evaluation Reporting for the TappingStar Program, Tapping Show-Off

Program – TappingStar On-Site Visiting and Mentoring Program, TappingStar Adult Education Course Outline

Each lesson plan is complete with description, objectives, agenda, script, flyers, diagrams, handouts, resources list, a Participant Packet including evaluation and information request forms, Instructor Materials including checklists and a report format to provide post-workshop information to a sponsor. There are even tips for first-time presenters and a summary of main points per section!

There are several ways to use this Kit – pre-sale and after-sale are two. For pre-sale, simply showing the richness of the Curriculum Kit to a prospective buyer might be enough to convince that person you have a total package and the sale can be made on the spot. Once the sale is made, the Curriculum Kit is a guide for you in fulfilling the contract requirements. You will be able to quickly customize and plan your lessons and move forward with confidence and ease into conducting sessions.

NOTE:  The complete Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit will be available January 30, 2017.  Copies of individual plans are to be published one at a time through January 31, 2017.  Pre-publication sale price applies through December 31, 2016.


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