Introduction to Tapping Workshop Plan


Introduction to Tapping is a lesson plan for a practical, interactive beginner’s workshop teaching the basics of three methods of using and performing tapping. The methods, recommended for specific age groups, are based on EFTâ®, Emotional Freedom Techniques®.

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Product Description

Introduction to Tapping is a flexible lesson plan that includes objectives, description, agenda, script, timings, graphics, participant packet, references, follow-up materials and suggestions for customization.  The Introduction to Tapping workshop is practical and interactive, teaching the basics of three methods of tapping. The methods are based on EFT®, Emotional Freedom Techniques®, and are recommended for specific age groups. This is a beginner’s guide to tapping and its many uses. Materials are modular and can be used as standalone units.


Audience: Teachers, School Staff, Parents, and Volunteers involved with students in all grades and all disciplines. Also easily used with students