Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit


The Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit includes everything you need to market tapping to schools. It contains an explanation of the school environment, sample sales materials and presentations, diagrams, marketing tips, prospect suggestions, resource list, terms and conditions of Marketing Kit use and more. Cut your preparation time! Market tapping to schools quickly and effectively.


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Product Description

Save yourself time and aggravation! The Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit provides you with a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to marketing tapping in schools and learning organizations. The tapping philosophy is based on Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®).

A free teleclass on how to use this Marketing Kit is included as a bonus!

Customize the letters and samples (Fact Sheet, Pricing Sheet, Menu of Services, contract elements, etc.). Use the forms to conduct interviews and to stay organized. Be prepared before ever making your first call – review Frequently Asked Questions and information about the school environment. Use presentations to introduce tapping to parents and school staff and to report successes.

You know how easy tapping is. You know how much the schools need tapping. Maybe you’ve hesitated calling on schools because you didn’t know where to start or what to offer. The Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit is the answer for you!

With your purchase, you receive a PDF version of the Marketing Kit, a Word version of the Marketing Kit, and a PDF document of graphics to support your marketing!  The Marketing Kit’s PDF version allows you to quickly and easily read through the Kit.  The Word version is to make your customization easy.




  1. Use these materials according to the EFT certifications and licenses you have.
  2. You are not to sell derivatives of Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit or Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit materials as a marketing or curriculum kit or something that could be construed as such or something similar.
  3.  Gary Craig and his organization are in no way associated with the Tapping in Schools program and products. We are extremely grateful to Gary Craig for his remarkable creation of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and his generosity in sharing EFT with the world.