TappingStar Marketing Education Instructor’s Guide


The Marketing Education Course outline provides a structure/syllabus for a course that will introduce, market and support tapping in schools.  The outline and texts provide material for your class.  The marketing process is divided into phases for easy learning.  Texts for the course include Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit and Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit. A perfect basis for teaching a college-level course, a refresher course, a T3 (Train The Trainers) course, etc.  Agendas, objectives, content location, class exercises and homework assignments are included.

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Product Description

Want a simple map to marketing tapping in schools?  You’ve come to the right place.  The Marketing Education Instructor’s Guide/Syllabus provides a structure for conducting your class on how to market, introduce, teach, support and assess the use of tapping (and specifically the TappingStar products) in schools.  Following the outline, your students will learn to recognize marketing opportunities and present tapping solutions.  Required texts for the course are Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit and Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit and are sold separately.  The texts provide the content to the course.  The outline points the way to the material and organizes it through the use of agendas, objectives, in-class exercises and homework assignments.

Basically, this course outlines how to use the texts to support marketing strategies.  In order to use this outline to teach a course, we expect you to be an EFT practitioner with a marketing background.   If you are using the outline for your individual study, no marketing experience is required.   The outline leads you through learning a solid marketing method.

The beauty of this outline/syllabus approach is its applicability to various situations as well as its timing flexibility. The course can vary from 12 sessions and the 18 hours can be expanded, so this is perfect for a college-level course, an introductory marketing course, a T3 (Train The Trainers) course within a school system, an advocacy course, etc.

Contact us to discuss lower pricing when kits are sold in bulk for educational purposes.

Audience:  EFT™ practitioners and others interested in getting tapping in schools and/or organizations.

Length of Program:  12 sessions of 1.5 hours each for a total of 18 hours

Prerequisite:  EFT and marketing experience for the instructor; EFT experience and/or interest for the students.  Both texts are required to accompany the outline as they provide in-depth content.