TappingStar On-Site Visiting and Mentorship Program Plan


A mini-course in marketing and implementation!  Very impressive.  The TappingStar On-Site Visiting and Mentorship Program Plan provides the elements you need to create a successful Mentorship program increasing tapping’s effectiveness in a school.  Sales calls, agreements and happy clients are easy with this tool!  There are samples, examples, formats, hints and tips for various types of Mentorship programs.  Answer the question “Now what?” once a sales call is planned or once you are asked to write up an agreement.  Super-easy Financial Planning Worksheet included!  Pruce it right; get paid what you are worth and for what you bring to people’s lives.  Make a huge difference now.

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A marketing, sales, implementation and follow-through plan all in one place!  Coaching notes throughout.  The TappingStar On-Site Visiting and Mentorship Program supports teachers and staff as they meet the school’s goals for tapping.   Tapping professionals (“Mentors”) partner with specific teachers and staff (“Mentees”) to advance the use of tapping basics and advanced techniques.  Parents and students can be added as Mentees.

You will love this flexible plan!  It outlines various ways to conduct a mentorship program, is chock full of hints and helps, and — best of all — those dense paragraphs needed for a formal agreement are included!  Confidently approach a school or a school district and know that you are prepared.  You can actually use the elements in the plan to organize your sales call.  Once a school or district agrees to your plan, you can quickly create a workable agreement, gain signatures and be on your way to making a huge difference!

Reluctant to price your offerings so you can make a profit?  The super-easy Financial Planning Worksheet will ease your angst.

Mentorship can be part of the initial roll-out of tapping in a school or can supplement its use once tapping has been in place for awhile.  Structure your plan so you meet with Mentees to work on advanced techniques or on the basics, depending upon the Mentee’s needs.  Agree to observe tapping being taught and used throughout the school and celebrate the successes. If requested, suggestions for strengthening the tapping program can be made and you can work one-on-one and in groups to mentor and guide those wanting to expand their skills. Mentoring for parents or student leaders (at-risk leaders as wel as those in the mainstream) is easy to structure using this plan.  Choose the agreement elements that match with your ideas and the school’s needs.

There are always times in a new program’s rollout and maintenance when questions arise and knowledge is challenged. The addition of this program to the school tapping curriculum enables a smooth launch and implementation.  We highly recommend you promote this plan as part of the initial roll-out.  Plus, the school’s use of this program can boost tapping’s success overall.

Audience:  EFT profesionals


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