Terms and Conditions

Purchase and Use of Materials Agreement
By purchasing any of the Tapping in Schools products, I understand and agree to the following:

  • I acknowledge with the purchase and use of this product that I am an independent user and not an agent of TappingStar or its affiliates.  I hold TappingStar harmless from any misuse I might perform while using its materials.
  • I agree to use the samples responsibly and to customize them to my own exact needs, including producing them on my own stationery and with my own logo.
  • I agree not to change the diagrams with the TappingStar copyright unless receiving written permission from TappingStar or Tapping in Schools.
  • I agree to use these materials according to the certifications and licenses I have.
  • I agree not to sell, in whole or in part, any of the TappingStar materials as my own.  I will not sell derivatives of those materials as a marketing or curriculum kit.
  • I understand that this material is designed specifically for experienced EFT practitioners for use within schools and educational institutions.
  • I understand I am encouraged to send statistics garnered through the use of this program such as numbers of participants, changes in test scores, anecdotal evidence of the value of tapping in schools, etc., to sue@tappinginschools.com.
  • I understand I am encouraged to send to TappingStar comments and evaluations of the materials.  Send to sue@tappinginschools.com or to Sue Tarlton, P.O. Box 3001, New York, NY 10163.
  • I understand there is e-mail support available for this product via support@tappinginschools.com.
  • I understand that I am encouraged to send copies of articles I write (and that I locate even if written by others) regarding tapping in schools in general and use of these materials in particular, to sue@tappinginschools.com.

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