“I hadn’t approached schools because I didn’t know what to say. “Tapping in Schools Marketing Kit” and “Tapping in Schools Curriculum Kit” gave me the confidence to talk to school administrators and our parent association. We’re now exploring our next steps. Thank you!”
I appreciate the level of detail and the ability to customize the materials.
“I especially liked the instructor notes and tips. Those really kept me from making some obvious mistakes.”
“This will pay for itself after teaching only 2 classes!”
“I was able to easily put together an informational package to give to a school administrator in less than 5 minutes!”
“Absolutely everything I need to introduce EFT into schools is right here at my fingertips! All the work had been done for me!”
“It would have taken me months, if not years to put all of this information together! Now I have it available to me in its entirety!”
“With the Tapping in Schools resources, I can completely customize the tapping program for my specific needs!”​